Pastor's Heart on Veterans Day

While here in India, I️ can’t help but recall the days of my service to our great country! For good, bad and or indifferent, men and women have throughout our history served, sacrificed, were wounded and given their lives to defend our freedom. This fragile trait we should hold dear has struggled to remain a part of our national identity. Regardless, of politics those that serve, serve to defend her and today we must not forget the sacrifice made by all who have sworn the oath to defend her. That oath never expires, we carry this honor to the grave. We served not as white, black, Asian or any other race but as free men and women wearing the colors of our service branch and the flag that unifies our purpose. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!!

Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow warriors and to those who have died defending her!!


Chris A. Mitchell Sr.
Senior Pastor, KWOC